Employees are the most important asset of an organization. Their health and productivity are the primary determiners of a company’s success. An organization can do its best for sustaining a good work culture(by maintaining good health of staff), but an employee needs more— Hasanui’s occupational health management software can be your last piece of the puzzle. The workforce can be involved under tremendous physical work or mental stress, or both. With such occupational health solutions, you can ensure higher operational efficiency.

Companies spending lot of money for health checkup but detailed data analysis are usually not done by most of the company due to lack of time and manpower. Following Four Aspects Of Hasanui’s Occupational Health Management Software

Integrated & Centralized Data

Integrated & Centralized Data

Whether you have a big team or a few members through health management software, you can store all data in one place. You can integrate even the same with your unique system as well. as this software is cloud based, companies decision makers at any place can utilize from any place in the world.

Health Status

Health status

One can analyze health status of the company after health checkup and even compare with the previous year’s health status.

● Modernized & Automated Processes

Modernized & Automated Processes

Occupational health management software provides a consistent update as per changing and growing technology. They follow an automated protocol to work independently.

● Actionable Insights & Timely Reporting

Actionable Insights & Timely Reporting

You can obtain the detailed reports for employee wise, department wise, process wise(hazardous) and operation wise(dangerous) at regular intervals upon your wish. The same will even provide you with insights that will assist in decision making.

Benefits Of Hasanui’s Occupational Health Management

  1. Maintain Employee Health records such as Government Health Form
  2. Maintain formal requirements as per EHS, OSHAS, BRC, USFDA, FOOD & SAFETY, HALAL
  3. Get year wise performance of employee like In 2012 and 2018 BP, RBS, ECG, LIPID PROFILE, PFT in pre-employment and year wise periodic manners
  4. Set month-wise schedules
  5. Assesses the man hour loss (ex:-if the two workers is working in the same department same work as well. One has 8 gram hemoglobin{low}, other has 14 gram hemoglobin{normal} .Around 2 hours man loss for the first person.)
  6. Eases the process of identifying and caring for patients of (life-style disease)HTN, DM, and IHD,(habits of the employee like smoking, alcohol) which is a time-consuming health check-up process.
  7. Aids in comparison & analysis of reports like BLOOD, PFT, ECG, AUDIOMETRY, X-RAYS, SONOGRAPHY
  8. Checking and accordingly reporting for any hazardous process or raw material.
  9. Tracks previous health records
  10. Covers necessary, common, and important conditions like hypertension, BMI, age, hemoglobin, RBS, FBS, biochemistry, height, and weight.
  11. Graphical & visually rich reporting features to aid the department in better understanding.
End to End Solution

Lowers costs through accident reduction, insurance savings, compliance efficiency, and streamlined operations


Solution adapts to your unique needs, enhancing effectiveness and efficiency in occupational health management

Cost Effective

Solution optimizes occupational health management, reducing expenses and enhancing overall efficiency.

Enhanced Safety

With a comprehensive solution that prioritizes employee well-being, reducing risks and promoting a secure work environment.

We have Approved Certificate of CFR title part 11 compliance and ISO 9001:2015