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About us

Hasanui, we are among the leading companies in occupational health management software providers. We believe in ensuring that you are prepared for business growth, with a well-maintained and healthy team of workers. Taking care of individuals in the workplace is among the deepest concerns of business management today. We stand firm to empower you with innovative and cost-effective software services for employee healthcare benefits that gradually result in organizational growth through increased productivity and enhanced work-levels of individuals.


Overall Employee Health Care

Our occupational healthcare management software covers various aspects of an individual’s health and productivity through which an organization has an overview of every employee health assessment aspects.

Actionable Insights In Reports

Every individual’s report will include the detailed assessments and provide an actionable conclusion to assist organizations for policy change and individuals for taking necessary steps, thus easing the decision making for such processes.

Promote Efficiency & Effectiveness

By allowing you to take care of your workforce’s many health & wellness assessment requirements, occupational health management software enhances productivity, resulting in efficient & effective business performance.

Your Employees Are Your Most Asset

With Hasanui, the leading occupational health management software, take care of your most precious asset of the organization. Along with achieving high employee productivity, be a step ahead by taking care of their health. Hasanui’s occupational health management software helps you take care of employee health and wellness, which increases their confidence and provides them with security and a sense of belongingness. On any given day, your HR department will indeed have a lot to take care of, but with Hasanui occupational health management software, everything will be already managed well. Whether it’s injuries, illness, managing regulatory compliance, providing support return-to-work, and even monitoring & analyzing trends to keep your workforce at the top of their health wellness need, Hasanui takes care of everything.

“Such an organization that takes care of employees have such employees who take care of their business!”

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We have Approved Certificate of CFR title part 11 compliance and ISO 9001:2015