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Why Choose Hasanui Occupational Healthcare Management Software

Hasanui, the occupational health management software, has been developed by highly experienced and expert healthcare professionals while taking an organisation’s commercial and growth needs. Today, we are surrounded by millions of businesses, and what each of them has in common is their reliability and dependence on their workforce. We boast a solid foundation in occupational healthcare management software and enjoy a strong reputation in Ahmedabad. Our proven capabilities have allowed us to serve different kinds of business from diverse industries and sectors. Whether a government organisation, startup, small & medium enterprises, or large enterprises, Hasanui, is a recognised name in occupational health management software in Ahmedabad.

Our Approach

Along with Hasanui, occupational health management software, we will serve you with a product, people, and process approaches. Our focus lies in providing prompt and professional support to our clients to manage their health problems and concerns. With Hasanui, you don’t need to worry about any aspect of the software, whether it is critical implementation, installation, or training expertise. We will be always there to ensure that you reap the maximum benefits of your investment.

The Product Approach

We have professionals who will look into the complex issues that your business’s HR department faces in ensuring employee productivity and health & wellness security. The Hasanui is adaptable for each client’s unique business workflow, business process, pain points, gap factors, and more metrics for being a leading occupational health management software in the market. This is why our software can meet almost every requirement of the client in this arena.

People Approch

The People Approach

The software has been designed with the vision that even a person with simple technical knowledge can reap the benefits. We even provide the assistance and support for training the employees of our clients in using this software the best and exploiting its total benefits. With this, assistance and support for all our future updates and inclusions are also provided to clients on request. At Hasanui, we believe in empowering people so they can use the technologies best.

The Process Approach

‘Hasanui’ is helpful in audit like Government(F.I. , C.S.) BRC, OSHAS, EHS, HALAL for health point of view as, this is made with that approach. The HR department of each business runs upon its own ideals and values. Thus, we have ensured that our software is adaptable to almost every working atmosphere and environment that different enterprises follow. With this, we believe in continuous and consistent research to make our software flexible to new practice in the business environment while also being safe of the temporal or minor changes, i.e. having a long-term vision for the extended maintenance.



Hasanui aims to provide businesses with futuristic, reliable, and easy-to-use solutions for bettering employee workplace environment, health, and performance.



Hasanui stands firm for being the best occupational health management software provider in India and the world to ensure that employees enjoy the work and aren’t afraid or at risk of any underlying work-related health or wellness concerns.

End to End Solution

Lowers costs through accident reduction, insurance savings, compliance efficiency, and streamlined operations


Solution adapts to your unique needs, enhancing effectiveness and efficiency in occupational health management

Cost Effective

Solution optimizes occupational health management, reducing expenses and enhancing overall efficiency.

Enhanced Safety

With a comprehensive solution that prioritizes employee well-being, reducing risks and promoting a secure work environment.

We have Approved Certificate of CFR title part 11 compliance and ISO 9001:2015